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Stone Setter - $27,700

The highly maneuverable Stone Setter can safely power over rough terrain, through narrow passages, and across long distances while carrying a heavy load. A 13hp Honda gasoline engine and hydraulic drive provides full control of speed and direction.

  • Carry all setting tools and supplies in only one trip from the driveway to the job site. Eliminate extra trips carrying tools from truck to the job and back.

  • Eliminate the expense of running a large truck to deliver monuments. Tow the stone setter with a pickup truck. A single operator can install monuments reducing labor costs.

  • The convenient BIGMAX crane helps the operator easily assemble monuments. The crane features powered lift, rotation, and extension. An included pistol grip wireless remote controls all crane functions. The remote can be controlled with one hand so a single operator can guide pieces into place.

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For high resolution photos click on this link: High Resolution Stone Setter Photos

Video Demonstration

Older Video Demonstration with previous Maxilift Crane