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3 Factors to Remember Before You Buy a Monument

An everlasting memorial provides the family with a wonderful way to honor the deceased, and they can be designed as simply or uniquely as you prefer. When choosing a memorial keep a few of these important factors in mind.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Memorial Monument

1. It Takes Time to Produce

Monuments are personalized to memorialize the individual. The design process can take some time and sometimes multiple revisions to meet the family’s vision of how it should look. Once the family approves a design the process of putting the design on the stone begins. It is important to put lettering and artwork on the memorial correctly the first time. Doing the work carefully can be time consuming. It often takes a few weeks.

2. Numerous Options

The beauty of a monument is that it’s truly a testament to the life and soul of the deceased. It can be beautifully personalized using all manner of techniques including sandblasting, custom engraving, & etching. Your design team can engrave specific words, phrases, poems, passages, or lyrics onto the surface. You can even have it shaped to honor something that the deceased loved. There are many colors of granite to choose from. Of course, you can keep it simple, too, with the name, dates of birth and death, and a photo or symbol.

3. A Concrete Foundation is Necessary

In order to ensure the memorial will sit level forever a properly made concrete foundation is needed. Much like a house foundation the foundation under a memorial must be deeper than the frost line. Deep foundations require good soil conditions. Weather can be unpredictable and can occasionally cause delays if the soil isn’t just right for the work to be done properly.