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3 Ways to Create a Memorial After Cremation

With cremation becoming increasingly common you may be wondering how to memorialize a loved on who was cremated. You have several unique options you can tailor to your needs and your loved one’s personality.

To keep your loved one close to you, you may decide to keep an urn in your home. There are many styles available, and you can ask your funeral provider about etching services to place a message or details about your loved one on the urn. Often home display urns are displayed temporarily. When enough time has passed the urn can then be taken to a cemetery where an everlasting memorial to your loved on can mark the location of their final resting place.

Even after cremation, your loved one’s ashes can still be buried traditionally, so they can have the same type of headstone or monument you would choose for a grave. You can also inter their ashes in a columbarium or funeral niche. This provides a place for you and other family members and friends to visit and see your loved one’s memorial.