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4 Common Headstone Shapes

The right headstone honors and memorializes your loved one for all time. Since most families are tasked with choosing one during a time of significant grief and distress, finding the ideal memorial can feel overwhelming. To help in that process, below are four common headstone shapes, discussed in more detail.

A Guide to Headstone Shapes

1. Flush Markers

A flat stone that lays flush against the ground so lawnmowers can go over top of it. Typically rectangular and made of either granite or bronze, flush markers are simple and elegant. They can be marked with custom engravings, symbols, or images. Simple is often better since the space is limited.

2. Upright Stones

Upright tombstones are the most common type of grave memorial. They consist of two pieces: a base and a vertical tablet that extends upward called. The vertical tablet may be square, rectangular, or a custom shape. Upright markers have ample space for writings, etchings, engravings, and imagery. The large amount of space is why they are the most common type of tombstone.

3. Slant Stones

Slant stones are just as their name implies. The front has an angled surface. They are easier to read at a distance than flush markers that face upwards but not as easy to read from a distance as upright stones. These stones resemble smaller, thicker versions of upright stones. Slant stones come in two ways. They can be set on a base like a tablet on a base making them a two piece monument or they can be without a base making them a one piece marker.

4. Obelisk Stones

An obelisk is a grand memorial shaped like a single column that comes to a point at the top. The base is a four-sided square pedestal.. Obelisks have minimal space for writing and other customization on the column due to being narrow and tall however the four sided base below the column has ample space for lettering and artwork. Obelisk stones make a bold statement and are sure to catch the eye.