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A Brief Guide to Selecting a Headstone Style

During the difficult time of planning final arrangements, you may be tasked with important responsibilities such as planning a funeral and choosing an appropriate headstone. Many families are surprised to learn that there are many options available to them. If you’re not sure which to choose, here are some options to consider as you select a memorial stone.

How to Choose a Headstone

1. Consider the Shape

While the traditional headstone conjures an image of a simple rectangular slab, there are actually many different shapes available. You might opt for an oval, a square, an asymmetrical shape, or the shape of an object your loved one liked. The professional that designs your memorial can provide you with a comprehensive idea of your options.

2. Decide on a Size

If your loved one has a companion or a spouse, it may be worth considering a double monument. This is a thoughtful way not only to honor that special bond and meaningful relationship but also to bring some measure of comfort to the family or partner who is left behind. Another option is a single headstone, which is a classic and traditional option. Both styles can be beautifully personalized to reflect the person’s values, beliefs, or interests.

3. Customize the Details

The standard headstone includes the name, dates of birth and death, and perhaps a few words of description. Many families are pleased to learn they can further personalize these memorials with additions that represent their loved one’s faith or personality. You might opt for an angel, a flag, or an image reflective of something that they enjoyed, such as a vehicle, a sport, or a flower. You can even have a vase attached to the memorial so that family and friends can leave flowers. Custom engraving also provides loved ones with wonderful options to pay tribute.