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A Guide to Figuring Out What to Put on a Headstone

After a loved one passes away, find a beautiful and personal way to honor their memory and their legacy. Many people opt to convey their feelings of admiration and love on the departed’s headstone. But what should you put on there? The guide below outlines some popular options for a lovely tribute.

3 Ways to Honor Your Loved One With a Headstone

1. A Description

If you prefer a straightforward way of honoring your loved one’s memory, consider putting a short description of who they were on their headstone. This may include information about their family, such as if they were a sibling, parent, or spouse. It can also include notable information about the good they did in their lifetime, such as their profession or if they were a philanthropist.

2. A Picture

For a headstone that’s more artistic, consider having it etched with a picture that was meaningful to you and your loved one. For example, perhaps there was a particular flower they admired, a sport they played, a vehicle they adored, or a location that was of special value to them. You can also have a portrait of the departed etched into the stone to honor their memory and preserve their legacy.

3. A Quote

In times of hardship, many people look to words of inspiration, whether they’re from the Bible, a favorite book, a speech, or a song. If there is a particular quote that reminds you of your loved one, consider having it inscribed on their headstone. It can represent the departed’s values and character and bring about feelings of hope, humor, and strength.