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Choosing the Perfect Epitaph for a Loved One’s Headstone

If you’ve lost a loved one, their headstone will be a place you and other family members go to and visit them. For this reason, you want their headstone to be an appropriate memorial of their life — one that includes a fitting epitaph. Here are a few suggestions for choosing an epitaph that’s personal, well said, and meaningful.

How to Choose an Epitaph

Keep It Brief

Whatever words you choose will be added to the headstone with engraving techniques, so they need to fit into the space provided, and there will be a minimum size for the lettering. With this in mind, it’s necessary to keep your message simple and concise.

Consider What They Would Say

The epitaph isn’t necessarily what you want to say about the deceased. Often, it’s the final thing your loved one would want to say to the world. Think about what was important to them when you make your decision, and focus the message on what they would have found meaningful.

Look at Poetry, Quotes, & Scripture

When words fail us, chances are someone else has already said what you’re trying to convey. Look at existing quotes — especially those your loved one found meaningful — for an epitaph or inspiration for writing one.

Decide Whose Point of View to Use

Your loved one’s headstone will be visited by family and friends for years to come. For many, an epitaph written from the deceased’s point of view is a source of comfort, as if they were still here and speaking directly. However, it may be easier to write using your own point of view — this decision is a personal one.