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Cleaning a Granite Headstone in 5 Easy Steps

Granite headstones are beautiful and extremely durable, making them a popular choice for memorializing lost loved ones. While this stone is capable of withstanding the elements for centuries, over time dirt, moss, and other elements can obscure the engraving. Fortunately with some common cleaning products and the tips below, you can keep your family member’s monument pristine for years to come.

5 Steps for Cleaning a Granite Headstone

1. Sweep Away Debris

Leaves, excess soil, and even litter can quickly accumulate around a headstone. Remove these large pieces of debris before you start cleaning.

2. Wipe Polished Surfaces With Soapy Water

Mix a few drops of dish soap with one half-gallon of clean water, then use a cloth to wipe down the headstone.

3. Rinse the Stone

Use as much water as necessary to completely remove the soap, then dry it immediately with a clean cloth to prevent streaks.

4. Clean any Engraving

Even if the surface is clean, dirt may cling to the letters and symbols engraved into the surface. A brush can help get down into valleys where the cloth couldn’t reach.

5. Buff the Finish

Polished granite has a natural luster, so you won’t need to apply any special polishes to buff the surface. Using a clean, dry cloth, rub the polished areas to remove any leftover residue and moisture.

6. Stubborn Things On The Surface

Sometimes soap and water just aren’t enough to remove stubborn things from the surface. Many things can be on the surface and there are just as many ways to remove them. If you have something hard to remove take a photo to an expert for advice before experimenting with harsh chemicals or your efforts might make it worse instead of better.