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How to Protect Flowers You Leave on a Headstone

After snow and ice from winter weather melts grass mowing season begins. Contractors bid against each other to secure very well paying contracts to mow cemeteries. Mowing in cemeteries is a prestigious contract that allows mowing contractors to build confidence in the community by mowing the communities cemetery well. Cemetery mowing is likely the biggest contract and most difficult work winning bidders of mowing contractors do each year. Cemeteries require mowing as often as every week and while it is easy to mow a large open field with nothing in it cemeteries are full of stone monuments. The stone shreds string trimmer strings so the hardest part of mowing a cemetery is string trimming and there is a lot of string trimming to do because riding mowers can’t touch the stones or both mower and stone are damaged. Before bidding on these lucrative cemetery mowing jobs the people mowing need to know how much time and effort it will take to do the job right so the community is happy with their work. Before bidding on the job they often require cemetery caretakers remove all mowing obstructions left by visitors in order to give their best price. Communities have limited budgets for cemetery maintenance so they like to go with lower bids to do the work so they often agree to remove obstructions to the mowing crew and inform the community that obstructions will be removed. If you plan to leave a bouquet on the headstone below are ways to ensure it won’t be removed by the cemetery caretakers.

How to Ensure Flowers Aren’t Removed From a Headstone

1. Place Flowers in a Mounted Vase

A breeze could blow the flowers laid on a headstone and onto the ground. Groundskeepers throw out flowers that get blown onto the mowing path. There are several products available to secure the arrangements in place. Headstone saddles work well. They are available at many stores the week before Memorial Day. They are attached to the stone by stiff wire prongs that grip the stone with spring tension to keep a wreath or spray attached to the top of the stone. Flowers can also be placed in memorial vases that attach to the base of monuments. Placing artificial flowers in vases attached to the base of the monument is preferable because the flowers are more likely to stay in place than with a saddle mount on the top of the stone.

2. Check the Cemetery Guidelines

Some cemeteries have strict rules in place regarding where and how flowers can be displayed. The maintenance staff might discard of flowers when the guidelines aren’t followed. To make sure your flowers aren’t removed reach out to cemetery management and ask what they need to allow the mowing crew to do their job without damaging your decorations.