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Norgren Cylinder Rebuild Kit

Norgren Cylinder Rebuild Kit



This rebuild kit fits all horizontal and vertical Norgren brand cylinders. There is a sticker in the center of all the cylinders 6/1995 and later with the manufacturer’s name. 1964 – 6/1995 machines had cylinders we made in house. 6/1995 – 9/2012 machines had TRD cylinders. 9/2012 to present have Norgren cylinders.

These yellow piston cup seals are an improvement in durability over some of the early Norgren piston cup seals that were black. 2016 and later Norgren cylinders have these yellow piston cup seals. The yellow cup seals are made in the USA.

Keep in mind there are limits to the number of times you can rebuild cylinders. The insides of the cylinder walls wear with use and the diameter grows larger. Eventually even new piston cup seals won’t have enough cylinder wall tension to seal.