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What’s the Difference Between Markers & Monuments?

If you’re pre-planning your funeral or trying to pick a memorial stone for a loved one, you might feel overwhelmed by the options available. With many different materials and styles to choose from, how do you find the perfect one? Here is some information about the two most common memorial types.

2 Common Memorial Styles

1. Marker

The simplest of your memorial options a marker is one piece of stone that is low to the ground. It is engraved with basic information about the person resting there including their name and years lived. This memorial style is perfect for those who are looking for an understated resting place. A subtle marker is also well suited for those with a limited funeral budget.

2. Monument

Also known as a tombstone or headstone is an upright piece of stone that sits at the head of the burial site. Often made of granite this memorial type commonly features an engraving that includes the name of the deceased and their birth and death dates. Many people also customize headstones with verses, quotes, sayings, or information about their loved one. The most noticeable of any memorial style monuments range in size and design. For example you may see monuments designed as large statues of angels or saints or as more abstract obelisks made from granite. Monuments are a unique way to honor someone’s life and they can be customized to represent a favorite hobby or an outstanding achievement.